Dispatching Signals with HaxeFlixel

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Haxe C++ target

When the play button is pressed, I don’t want it to switch state in the context of the button like seen below, but in a function contained in the Main Menu state, this gives me more control of other components, …

Javascript – Parsing float

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Javascript development


Parse Float with commas

When dealing with calculations around pricing, it is important to ensure when usingĀ parseFloat in JavaScript that it doesn’t malform the result.

The function below checks your number if it contains commas, strips them out, …

Blue Karma Retrospective

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New Vale City

What have I learned?

There are a lot of things I learned whilst developing a Point and Click adventure game wth Actionscript 3 and Starling. First of all, it was great to get a feel for the development process of

Haxe Casting issue in C++

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Haxe C++ target

When setting my top and bottom bounds for my game, I thought that cast would have done the job when I wanted to convert Float to Int. In flash this is fine, but I found in the C++ target it