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The title Blue Karma suggests “…effects of a person’s actions that determine their fate in this life” (WordWeb). The city and setting is Blue in appearance.

Game Statement

“A Corrupted city of dictatorship, a family of complications and a problematic unforeseeable outlook on utopia.”

Venom Corp

The fictional cities are run by a worldwide group called Venom Corp. Venom corp contains sub gangs that are allocated in the different cities. They make the decisions of the government and are very greedy and corrupt. The sub groups are as follows:

  • Vipers – Based in Red City (New York alternative)
  • Cobras – Based in Green City (Tokyo alternative)
  • Taipans – Based in Yellow City (Berlin alternative)
  • Blue Kraits – Based in Blue City (London alternative)


This story is set in Blue city and follows two brother protagonists.

  • Riley Peters
  • Kyle Peters


The antagonists of this story will be the Blue Kraits gang. They control the city and are focused on the idea of profit. Most of the public are poor and continue to work for the gang to make ends meet. Because the Blue Kraits run the city they can control the media and therefore can control how everyone thinks; giving them the power to sway anyone who tries to challenge them. Anyone who speaks out are removed and sent to a prison camp and are never allowed to leave.

The main leader of the Blue Kraits is Tyrone Peters, the uncle of the two protagonists.

Past Circumstances

Explain what happened between all of the characters involved, you may want to create all the characters bio’s/characteristics before moving on to this.

Main Character Roles

Here you will explain every role of each characters in the plot

Kyle Peters

“Works in the paparazzi for the main mass media industry “Infographic” A skilled photographer he carries around his camera and is a keen motorbike enthusiast. He soon gets himself into a lot of trouble as he learns more about the real circumstances of the governing of the city.”

Main Groups

List any groups/gangs that may be relevant to the plot

Mystic Elite

The Mystic elite are unknown to the public and are sent out to either assassinate or capture people who have:

  • NOT paid their taxes
  • NOT Followed the laws
  • Speak badly of the running of the city
  • Mention Blue Kraits or Venom Corp in any way

They cannot attack people in public; only when there is no-one but the elite member and the target in the picture. They can only be distinguished by being smartly dressed.

Current Circumstances

Explain each circumstance of every character and present them with current problems that they are in. Throughout the story these problems will either be resolved or made worse.

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