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I have finally booked all the hostels and train reservations for the entire trip! It is important that if you get an inter-rail to note that it does not cover most journeys for free. In fact pretty much all of them apart from two of our trips are a cost and require a reservation otherwise you would have to pay full price.

Most people who are thinking of just going out there spontaneously have to be confident about the places they are visiting. I have decided to reserve all the hostels just in case anything bad happens, like not being able to get a room because it is July so will be very busy!

I have created a table of all my train journeys with the following headers the trrain column explains the type of train being used for example TGV is a high speed train based in France this would cost and require a reservation:


Transfer From

Transfer To


From Station

To Station



Extra Information



I then created a table of all my hostels with the following headers:



Hotel Name

Check In

Check Out



Est. Arrival

Cost on Arrival

Reference No

Contact Details

Create these tables yourself and add every train journey you make along with all the reserved bookings of hostels. If I decide to go somewhere else I can cancel the hostel but I would lose the deposit I have laid down. But I would be fine with that, however 2 days minimum before the day to cancel otherwise usually the first night will be charged from your credit card.

To plan your train journeys go to

I used to book all the hostels

We leave this Monday to board the ferry in the morning!

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