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Now I have got a job lined up in August I could now start to book things up for the month of July. So obviously one of the most important things for a backpacking trip is stunningly enough a backpack. I decided to go for an Osprey backpack because of it’s excellent reviews and design. I got it from Taunton leisure because they have a good track record of customer service. I received the backpack two days after it was ordered.

I heard of inter-rail from a friend and he said that you can buy an all around europe ticket that allows you to travel anywhere, so no need to worry about travelling costs when your out. I thought it was a good idea but then we decided we were going to travel by car. We then learned there were many problems with driving abroad. Quite a few laws to follow, plus we would run the risk of getting lost, looking for parking spaces. Being on foot and travelling by inter-rail seemed to be a more sensible option so this is what decided in the end.

For me and my brother it cost £387 each for a month of validity with the Inter-rail global pass. This is very good in my opinion. The optional extra for Pass loss and theft cover is a must in my opinion, it then costs around £6 to ship both passes to my address. It gives you the option to state when is the latest you can receive the passes by, because we are leaving on July 1st it has to be a week before then just in case it got delayed. This in the end cost £400 for each of us.

Now this was ticked off the list we needed to think of our well being; so we ordered a European health insurance card. This provides any non private medical care abroad when needed. It took about 5 minutes to fill out, more information can be found here (Applies to UK):

Last night we decided to go with P&O cruises from Dover to Calais early in the morning on the 1st July. This gives us the rest of the day to then get into Calais and get on the Metro to Paris where we will then get a hostel for 2-3 days.

Booking the first hostel seems like a good idea, our plan is to book the next hostel once we arrive at the previous hostel. Trying to arrange all the hostels may be a bad idea as we do not know the actual time frames of our visits to all the locations.

We booked from travel supermarket as it was more user friendly. I find the P&O ferries site for booking is a bit poor to use. If your travelling from Dover use this for a variety of offers:

It cost around £59 for both of us, but be prepared to stand for the journey. For around £25 extra there is a seat with a bottle of drink (champagne) and a newspaper. I personally would of been happy to stand and save on money but my brother insisted. So it cost around £84 for a single trip, we didn’t do a return because we are not completely sure when we will arrive back.

Now we have to arrange our travel insurance, clothing and first hostel booking!

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