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Me and my brother will be travelling over western Europe for a month in July to explore Paris to see the Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower, cafes and brasseries. Travel down to Lyon zoo and nightlife, move on to Nice for the views and food markets.

Have a day or two in Monte Carlo to visit casino square and the Le Metropole Shopping center.

Visit the main attractions of Rome, Florence and Venice. Then move onto Germany’s Munich and Frankfurt. Taking us to our final destination of Belgium to visit Brussels and Antwerp.


We plan to travel by ferry and invest in an inter-rail for the convenience of travel. We have received our ordered Osprey backpacks. Prepared clothing and essentials and cannot wait to leave!

I have just completed University and get my results on the 8th July so it is a good way to finish off before starting a new job in August in web development!



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