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Why a Home Gym?

So after a year of being out of the gym scene for good reason (My local gym sucks big time) I thought it may be good to look into gym equipment at home. Not them stupid multi-gym things. I am talking the proper equipment like a power rack, bench, set of weights you find at real gyms. Word of advice do not buy multi-gyms they are a bit gimmicky and not very practical. The problem with the local gym is having to wait for others to finish using the equipment, this can affect your routine. The distraction of friends talking to you, an hour can go very fast and a conversation can last really long! Don’t get me wrong I sometimes like to go for social reasons to see people briefly and having people spot me is all good and well. But when I want to focus on my gym plan and meet milestones it is not helpful. I never understood the idea of driving to a place where you can run seems a bit ironic but yeah fuel is an issue for me, car parking also.

What is needed?

Below is a list of what I have decided is best suited for a personal gym, we have recently built a new garage with plenty of space, high ceiling and sturdy flooring. When you go to a gym I find that there is far too much equipment than is actually needed. In my opinion all you need is a set of dumbbells ranging from 5 to 40kg (higher when you get to it), a strong, durable reclining bench, a barbell with a set of weight plates ranging from 5 to 25kg. A strong power rack with multiple features like a cable pulley, dip and pull up bar for squats, bench press. A mat for ab exercises and warming up and down. A curl bar for curls and tricep extensions, here is the list.

Bodymax Rubber Hex Dumbbells Set 6 – 10 x Pair Set: 5kg-30kg Plus Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

Cast iron dumbbells just do not do it for me, they are loud and annoying they are rounded so can roll off along the floor. These are great because they are rubber, good quality and won’t roll around.

£999.99 including Free UK Delivery

Bodymax CF475 Premium Strength Package

Such a great package comes with an excellent power rack, a sturdy bench and a 145kg barbell kit, for an extra £40 I changed the barbell kit to rubber instead of the default cast iron weights. Great value for money.

£799.00 including Free UK Delivery

I also added to the power rack

  1. a dip bar extension for a cost of £59.99
  2. 160lb Cast Weight Stack for lat/low pulley £237.99
  3. Bodymax Pro Cable Attachment Set 3 £69.99

Bodymax CF810 Elite Adjustable Hi-Low Pulley with 160lb Cast Weight Stack

A separate pulley would be very useful if someone else was using the power rack. It could be good for super-setting plus a good price.

£479.99 including Free UK Delivery

Bodymax CV Mat Large

A padded mat great for floor exercises

£45.99 without Free Delivery

Bodymax Chrome Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Needed to hit more specific muscles on the body, nicely priced.


3 Kettlebells at varied prices

I got 8, 12 and 20kg kettlebells, very useful for ab and other exercises

£N/A varied pricing based on weight

This is what we will start off with and any little extras that may be needed can be bought at a later date, but this is enough to create a fixed routine that can be followed to achieve a certain physique. Leave any comments below and thanks for reading!


Total Cost

So I was quoted a price for all of this; it was £2309, with 10% discount offered to me this made it £2078.


So putting this into perspective I worked out how much the average membership per month costs which for me would be £40. So £2078/40 = 50 months which is around 4 years of membership.

Total spent already

Apart from this year I have been going to and paying for a gym membership on and off for around 7 years. To be fair I would drop that to 5 years, so I would have spent (not including travel, car parking and protein shakes at the bar.) £2400 going to the gym. If I saved this I could have bought my own gym that I can use for life!

Really puts it -into perspective.


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