Bali 2017 – Part 5

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We spent the morning on the beach Sunday, and headed back to our hostel at Bedapang. The boats leave to Gili Trawangan around 09:00 and 15:00 each day, and little did we realise it was 2pm and we hadn’t even packed our stuff. So we got our asses in gear and power walked down to the harbour with our backpacks on. 14:30 was the time we left our hostel and unaware we were that it was a half hour walk to the boat. Talk about cutting it fine, eh?

A man was standing between us and the boat and held a hand out for a paper slip, one we didn’t have on our person. The nice chap let us on knowing full well we were fashionably late. We paid him when we finally arrived at Gili Trawangan.

We were drenched in sweat from the journey, and finally found our hostel known as la boheme. One thing I’ve learned is NEVER wear trainers, shoes or anything of the kind. Stick to some sandals as your feet will turn into mud clay statues. Everyone’s footwear was outside of reception as we entered, so we followed suit.

The reception looked stressed with newcomers and requests from existing residents. I overheard a couple mega pissed about the fact they’d booked a private room yet were being dumped in a dorm room. Funny thing was the dorm was the same price, so you can imagine how that went down. Manager looked like he needed a cigarette afterwards.

There was a lot of confusion with our booking too and the resolution on who should have the fan room or the air con room. I got the air con but paid more. The manager took us to our dorm and me and Adam ended up in a double bed fan room. This was only for one night. On first impressions I’d say the management of the hostel is a bit unorganised.

Once we got settled, we popped open a few bintangs and got speaking with a few people, then headed on down to the beachfront. Gili T is far busier in comparison to Gili Air. I would say in general the majority are young people who come to the Gili islands. We ended up going to a place called the Roast House. Specialised in chicken dishes as most of their menu involved chicken meals. The caveat..? They had no chicken left.

We didn’t really like the food, and I’d advise to always find Indonesian cuisine. TripAdvisor doesn’t always provide the best places to eat.

Next stop was a few bars, I think we came out a bit too early, leaving around 18:30. Bars start picking up at 9pm. The place we spent most of our night was at the reggae bar known as the sama sama bar. They had a live act singing some great tracks such as temper traps sweet disposition, oasis, Jack Johnson and many more, so we perched on some stalls and sung along.

We saw some girls who we met in Kuta and hung out with them for most of the night. They live in London so we had lots to chat about.

They provided recommendations on what to do in Ubud when we arrive there in 5 days time. They recommended:

  1. Paon cooking class (must do)
  2. Jungle fish (get there at 10:45)
  3. Bali bhudda (healthy vegan food)
  4. Yoga bar (love my yoga)

Another girl from Gili air also suggested to do the huge swing that faces over a forest. That has got to be done. Until then, our partying continues.

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