Bali 2017 – Part 7

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For the past few days we have been laying on the beach and in the evening feasting on barbecues along the beachfront or at the night market. If you have a strong stomach for the night market then you shouldn’t have any problems. All I’m saying is that immodiums and hydration tablets are a God send.

Me and Adam’s first night we had to share a double bed, but for the following four nights at the same hostel we had separate dorms, it was good because we could meet more people. Two new travellers moved into Adam’s dorm two nights in. I was too ill to attend the boat party, but Adam and the girls went. I spent the day on the beach catching a little bit of sun and laying in a hammock.

Later that night I was feeling a bit better. We got a big group together at the hostel and played cards. A game called shithead, great way to get people together so bring cards on your travels! After drinking a few, we all headed down to the beach and danced away to some great RnB and house music.

One thing to note if you want to party, is that each night has a designated place to be. It’s a good idea because it brings a lot of people to the same place and makes it a great night. The following is recommended:

NIGHTLY – SAMA SAMA REGGAE BAR (Live Reggae and live band singing cover tracks).
MONDAY – BLUE MARLIN (Psychedelic and techno beats).
WEDNESDAY – TIR NA NOG ‘IRISH BAR’ (Mixed Hip Hop and general House music).
FRIDAYS – RUDYS PUB ( Mixed trance and Techno mixed music).

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Things don’t start picking up till 9-10pm and the reggae bar is where people usually warm up.

On our last day, me, Adam and the girls headed to the final island known as Gili Meno, smallest of the three. To me, this felt like the most relaxing of them all. It’s known as the honeymoon/couples island. You can tell this by the small villas, the amount of couples there and the innuendo named meals such as the Please me Pesto.

We just went for the glorious beach and water, and food. Prices much higher here we found. We missed the last boat, it was around 5pm. So we scowered the beachfront looking for a way back. There was a small little boat a stones’ throw away, and I asked someone nearby if we could get a ride back to Gili T.

We managed to haggle for 400,000 so that we could split 100,000 each. Soon as we got in the waves got a bit choppy. Our boat at times felt like it was going to flip over at any time, but trying to get off the boat was the real challenge. There was a little man trying to pull in the boat with some rope, but the boat didn’t stabilise by the platform, so we each had to do a leap of faith as the boat shimmied in the water.

This concludes our time in Gili islands.

Gili Air: Come here if you want to relax and have a nice stroll. The island is very quiet and had some excellent places to eat. Our favourite being Mowies.

Gili Meno: Come here and stay at a villa if you are a couple. There isn’t much to do but lay by the beach and eat, but the sea and clear blue skies make it worth it.

Gili Trawangan: If you want to party, come here, but it is very difficult to find somewhere to chill on the beach unless you have a hotel, as the seats are only available to guests. Walking along the beachfront also gets a bit tiring because of the constant horses and bikes beelining around you. It’s the most crowded of all the islands.

Our next stop, Ubud. Two weeks down, one to go.

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