Bali 2017 – Part 3

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On Thursday we spent the morning by the pool maxing, relaxing, it weren’t too taxing. Once we got off our behinds, I made a request for a taxi with our trusty app Grab.

The journey would take an hour or …

Bali 2017 – Part 2

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‎So after spending an hour in the middle of the night writing my first blog post due to a screwed up sleep pattern, I awoke again at 8am and got ready for a half day to Sumar. Our hotel provided …

Bali 2017 – Part 1

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So around February time me and my friend found cheap flights going to Bali. Mine cost around £350 return which is incredibly cheap. We booked September 2nd until 23rd as at around this time the peak season subsides and the …

Dispatching Signals with HaxeFlixel

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Haxe C++ target

When the play button is pressed, I don’t want it to switch state in the context of the button like seen below, but in a function contained in the Main Menu state, this gives me more control of other components, …

Javascript – Parsing float

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Javascript development


Parse Float with commas

When dealing with calculations around pricing, it is important to ensure when using parseFloat in JavaScript that it doesn’t malform the result.

The function below checks your number if it contains commas, strips them out, …

Blue Karma

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So it seems I have finally found someone who can assist me with the development of the game Blue Karma. An apple developer we have decided to make the game using Starling. This will allow us to render the game …

Day 24

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Being our last day we wanted to spend loads on some consumables. So we went to tons of shops and tasted loads of varieties of Chocolates, biscuits and sweets.

We then went to the waffle house and got two waffles …