Yii Framework

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So today I have decided to have another go at learning the Yii framework. Being a big fan of Laravel 3 (now in version 4) I have decided to expand my understanding of how other frameworks operate. Yii is known …


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Me and my brother will be travelling over western Europe for a month in July to explore Paris to see the Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower, cafes and brasseries. Travel down to Lyon zoo and nightlife, move on to …


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We now move on to the characters and go into full depth of their characteristics. We need to cover basic details like name, eye and hair color, skin type etc. Then move on to specific features like clothes, mannerisms, sayings, …


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The title Blue Karma suggests “…effects of a person’s actions that determine their fate in this life” (WordWeb). The city and setting is Blue in appearance.

Game Statement

“A Corrupted city of dictatorship, a family of complications and a …


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The intention of this book is to provide readers with a good understanding of how a full working flash game project can be created. The chapter is broken down into different areas of design and implementation that are necessary for …

Migration from GoDaddy

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Finally cancelled my hosting plan with GoDaddy. Was far too expensive for me and seems like the perfect choice to leave and find something more suitable. I have found TSOHost and they seem to be very good value for money. …

Operating Systems Tutorials

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I am in the process of creating a full course on operating systems, looking at the managers involved in carrying out jobs and processes. Here you can find the introduction chapter for a flavor of what to expect in the …