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We now move on to the characters and go into full depth of their characteristics. We need to cover basic details like name, eye and hair color, skin type etc. Then move on to specific features like clothes, mannerisms, sayings, flaws and qualities. We want to have a great understanding of the character as if he/she really exists and you can picture them being a real person. We need to clear all ambiguities so that you can proceed. Here is an example of a character; based on this information I can draw a character from the information. We will move on to character drawing but for now understand we need to know all the characters needed and where they fit in to the story. It is a good place to start.

Excellent we now have a character and we can begin to understand what sort of person he is. We now want to place this character in to the plot. Where will he fit in with the story, we now give him a scenario and an overview of his current situation:


“Kyle the older brother of Riley is a paparazzi photographer who lives in his grandparent’s home who are now deceased. He lives with his soon to be wife Carmen (originally Riley’s girlfriend). He works for the cities top paper the Infographic. He is very socially accepted and has many friends in the city. He regularly goes to bars to pick up woman behind the back of Carmen who is always calling him to see where he is. He travels to and from work on his motorbike. Over the course of the story Kyle learns about how Riley lives his life and investigates the Venom corp and learns about the way they operate.

We now need to do this with all the characters involved in the story. You will be wanting to aim for around 6 to 10 characters to make the story of any interest. Make sure to vary their personalities to make it more interesting. Repeat this with all the other characters involved in the story and you will start to piece together a strong plot and set of characters that can be incorporated into your game.

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