Day 21

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Today was all about travelling from Stuttgart to Brussels. So after breakfast we got the taxi to the station.

We waited outside our hostel.


For two hours we were on the train and then got off at Frankfurt. We had to change here. A lot of sketchy people hanging around the station. We had a brief look at Frankfurt.


We then had to travel for 3 hours to get to Brussels. We got to the central station and here was also full of people hanging around looking out for tourists.

We got some food at the cafe outside then got a taxi to our hostel. Very energetic place with loads of people to meet. We decided to be boring and catch up on washing.

The hall with all the rooms creeped me out big time. It was like looking straight at a mirror. It reminded me of the hallway in the horror film “The Shining” .


Night time I walked along alone with my washing bag then two kids came out of nowhere. I continued along the hall thinking blood was going to flow out of the elevator like in the movie.

Apart from that the room is very nice and modern. The location we are in is very rough. Rundown part of Brussels. But looking forward to walking around the city tomorrow.


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  1. Hi Guys, have fun in Brussels. Don’t forget to see the Manneken pis! (the little Boy having a piss)

    Cheers and keep safe. Derek.

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