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Shaun Michael Stone
Shaun Michael Stone

Shaun is a passionate writer, fictional storyteller and software engineering manager based in London, England. To date, Shaun has 2000+ sales of technical and fictional books alongside a YouTube video of 2 million+ views. He currently lives in the county of Kent and obtained a degree in Computing (BSc) in 2013. Since then, he has moved into management.

His latest book 'Tribe of the Accord', is complimented by a video game adaptation planned for release on various gaming platforms in 2023. If you want to know when Shaun's next book will come out or follow along with his blog activity, please visit his website at, where you can sign up to receive an email when he has his next release.

To date I have 10+ years experience building web applications. I've worked in automotive, finance, online gaming and have been exposed to building and maintaining bespoke web applications for various companies involved in: car valeting, digital entertainment, industrial gases, retailing and broadband comparison services. Some of my key interests involve writing fiction and non-fiction, building and integrating APIs, automating repetitive tasks, building mobile games and animations with Haxe, Unity or JavaScript/HTML5 canvas.

I graduated with a Upper Second degree in Internet Computing (69%), just shy of a first and over the three years I achieved staggering improvements in personal development, analytical skills and experience in web development, as well as problem solving. I can turn problems into solutions, something I find very rewarding to do.

My YouTube channel

A growing list of technical videos about game development, operating systems and web programming. An example video below proves to be a big hit with academic institutions alike with a growing view count of around 200K views.

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