Costa Rica - San José

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Shaun Michael Stone
Shaun Michael Stone

Costa Rica. A place that's always been on my wish list. A destination that holds around 30% of the world's biodiversity and only 27 cases of coronavirus (to date). There's no way I was going to cancel my trip.

My first stop, San José. The main airport hub of the country. I decided to book a single night at the Marriott Hacienda Belen upon arrival due to its close proximity. I originally was going to skip it altogether and make my way east to the Carribbean side of Costa Rica, but then I thought, 'why don’t you give 'future' Shaun time to adjust and relax first?' Thank you 'past' Shaun, I appreciate that decision now.

The flight was close to eleven hours. I chose premium economy by British airways because I didn’t fancy my long legs getting squashed. Upon arrival to the airport I read 'Bienvenidos a Costa Rica' and also 'COVID-19 - Check your symptoms' with most rooms being cleaned extensively due to the current pandemic going on.

When I stepped out of the exit once reclaiming my bag, I was greeted by a flock of hungry taxi service men holding signs. I don't think I've ever heard synchronization and repetition quite like it of the words 'Taxi?' and 'Cheap price!'

As I battled my way through the crowds, I found a designated taxi service for my hotel. I jumped in and after months of Spanish lessons, I thought I'd try a conversation with the driver. Yep, still got a long way to go. I headed to my first hotel... and boy, what a sight.

The next day I scheduled a private shuttle bus to my next stop in the South east, Puerto Viejo De Talamanca - a small town by the Caribbean coast. It takes around three and a half hours to get there but alternatively you can fly to the Limon airport nearby, but I need a break from flying.

This place I’m heading to, I’m looking forward to the most. Let’s do this!

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