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Shaun Michael Stone
Shaun Michael Stone

Operating Systems Course History

This course was initially created while I was at University in Kent. I found the topic dry through large books and long lectures. I decided to use animation to teach myself the material more effectively, and throughout the years - since its release - its been used by thousands of people, whether it be for their own personal learning or via their University or college modules. Thank you to all that used it. It's been nice to hear from not just people but institutions who have factored it into their own academia.

Honors & awards

  • Educational Videos used for Latvia Business College. The lecture videos are being used for student education in a learning management system for Latvia Business college.
  • Operating Systems Video Thesis Accreditation. Issued by Information Technology at Technological Institute of the Philippines · Dec 2014Issued by Information Technology at Technological Institute of the Philippines - Dec 2014

Operating Systems YouTube Playlist

The full free playlist can be found below.

Operating systems playlist on YouTube

Operating Systems 1 - Introduction

This tutorial will cover what an operating system is, the types of operating systems available and how we as users interact with the operating system to carry out tasks.

Operating Systems 2 - Memory Manager

In this tutorial we shall begin with the memory manager and look at three old schemes of memory management. Then look at newer alternatives in Paged and Segment memory allocation.

Operating Systems 3 - Process Manager

In this tutorial we shall begin with the process manager and look at performance, speed and bandwidth of processors, clock speeds, and Cache memory. We will also look into the different states a processor can be in and look at examples of them. We will delve into the following: Scheduling Policies, Resource Hogging, Locked Resources, Policies, First Come first serve, Shortest Job Next, Shortest Remaining time, Pre-emptive schedulers, Non-Pre-emptive schedulers, Round Robin, Starvation, Deadlock, Livelock.

Part one

Part two

Operating Systems 4 - Device Manager

In this tutorial we concentrate on the device manager and it's four main responsibilities when dealing with devices. We then look at 3 types of devices: Dedicated, Shared and Virtual devices. It then briefly covers what is a spooler and explains Fixed head magnetic disk storage and Hard disk pros and cons. Part two we concentrate on more devices: CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray Disks. Flash Memory such as SSDs.

Part one

Part two

Operating Systems 5 - File Manager

This episode concentrates on the policies of a file manager. Using a metaphoric example of a library.

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