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Shaun Michael Stone
Shaun Michael Stone

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Explore the world of Software Engineering

Whether you’re a student, tech recruiter or simply want a change of career, this book will cover many areas of software engineering, including:

  • Confusing terminology
  • The type of job roles available
  • Career progression with advice on how to break into the field
  • The recruitment process
  • Insight into some of the most popular programming languages, libraries, tools and frameworks used in the industry today.

You will get a feel and basic understanding of the tech that is out there. It may give you a kickstart and the motivation to pursue a career or hobby in software engineering yourself.

The book is broken into four parts

  • The first part focuses on the software industry ranging from the types of roles out there, recruitment, and what a typical day as a software engineer looks like.
  • The second part is centred around programming and testing terminology used in the industry.
  • The third part is a collection of programming languages used by software engineers. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but a majority of the most common languages used commercially today.
  • The fourth part is focused on web-related libraries and frameworks.

No longer will you give a long blank stare at those technical individuals in the office, trying to figure out what on earth are they talking about. I've had those stares before...If you can put up with the occasional lame joke, then pick up a copy today.

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