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Shaun Michael Stone
Shaun Michael Stone

A story loosely based on the Stone Age, which explores more than just hunting, gathering and survival in a prehistoric setting. It's about the significance of belonging and building relationships in a tribe. The main protagonist develops from a naive young girl – who only knows a life of solitude with her father – into a mature young woman that must understand the importance of social dynamics and responsibility.

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Her father, Torion, has taught her all she knows. She's an agile and adept spear thrower, but there's more to survival than that. She finds this out once she is torn apart from her home and her father, forced to fend for herself in a prehistoric world. The Ursa hunters, the fierce clan who are out to get her, are significant in numbers and a massive threat to her and the tribes across the land.

Adira must reluctantly form relationships with others to find her father and fight back against the imposing threat. With the discovery of her past coming to light throughout her journey, she must decide what life she wants to lead, should she survive it.

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Chapter 1 - Comic

Chapter 1 using comic-style art, with excellent music by OmniSound and narration by Jay Forester.

Youtube Comic with Narration

Chapter 1 Storyboard - Part 1

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