Day 23

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Today was our last day to explore Belgium so we started off at the comic book museum. Below is tintin.


The bottom floor showed how they prepare the designs, drawing and painting etc. Examples using Photoshop and the wacom tablet …

Day 22

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After a good sleep we headed down to get breakfast. The meininger hostel has 40 rooms so breakfast got crowded. As we were eating joe noticed a leaflet giving tours. After the tour you make the decision on how much …

Day 21

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Today was all about travelling from Stuttgart to Brussels. So after breakfast we got the taxi to the station.

We waited outside our hostel.


For two hours we were on the train and then got off at Frankfurt. We had …


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Me and my brother will be travelling over western Europe for a month in July to explore Paris to see the Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower, cafes and brasseries. Travel down to Lyon zoo and nightlife, move on to …