Bali 2017 – Part 1

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So around February time me and my friend found cheap flights going to Bali. Mine cost around £350 return which is incredibly cheap. We booked September 2nd until 23rd as at around this time the peak season subsides and the weather is still nice and hot. After a long wait, it finally came, and a flight of 16 hours was awaiting us.

We were fed well throughout the journey, and also had a few cheeky naps. The journey overall was good with garuda Indonesia and the staff were welcoming and helpful. I was reading my kindle for the majority of the trip and tried to watch a few lame Hollywood movies.

Our first arrival was at Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. From here we would get another flight to Bali dempasar. We thought that we’d have to collect our bags and then check in again, but this was not the case (no pun intended). This journey was another 3 hours and went rather quick.

Our first stop was Harris Hotel Tuban, 10 or so minutes from the airport. It’s a four star hotel and worked out £12 a night each. The pool looked really nice, and our room was okay but the backdoor was a bit suspect. Mosquitoes were left right and center. Luckily my friend bought a plug that disperses a scent and captures them. Winning.

Because we arrived late, around 11pm we headed straight for bed. The next morning I got up like an early bird and grabbed some brekky and took a visit to the local supermarket down the road. I bought 2 big bottles of water and grabbed some cash from an ATM. I worked out that each British pound equates to around 17 thousand rupiah. Inflation much?

You’ll find that it’s best to have cash and card at all times, because some cafes or general shops will drop the “cash only” words . ATMs usually have a limit of 50,000 – 100,000 rupiah per transaction.

We took a walk to kuta deciding to save on cash, it was quite a trek (about half hour walk) but we wanted to experience the culture. Mopeds are a prime means of transport and there are countless safety hazards to review, but along the way we saw some nice statues and temple looking sites.


We had a walk around some shops, then ended up on Kuta beach where surfing was the main attraction.

I must say, based on what I heard about Kuta beach, it didn’t look as bad as I thought. It was clean and was packing some great waves. I enquired about the surfing school and it costs around 30,000 per hour for an instructor which is a bargain. I opted to surf once we arrive at Gili islands as the sea was full of far too many people. In the meantime we walked along the beach and grabbed a drink and some food.

On the way back we swam in the pool and made use of the small gym they had, then after showering and getting ready we took a trip down to the Kuta strip. I stuck to the bintang beers, really tasty and we found an American pool table. The good thing here is that you can play pool as much as you like, they just expect you to buy a drink, which is fair enough. We couldn’t find many people our age, so I googled nightlife and everything we were after existed in Legian.

We made our way there and found some great bars, it reminded me of magaluf: people staggering, loud noise, bassy music. It felt like home. Definitely not to everyone’s taste. We went to the biggest night club known as Sky Garden.

Entry on a Monday was 150,000, you get two beers with it. Sky garden has like 4 floors, really nice layout, but for me the fourth floor was the one. Pumping out old school RnB from the likes of Nelly, R Kelly and even tracks like Butterfly by crazy town. We stuck to the beers for a while then ended up necking a tequila shot with some people we met. I vowed to myself to pace myself on holiday, and here I was at 4 in the morning.

We slept until checkout time and arranged a cab with Grab, the Asian uber. Highly recommend installing app. Arriving at our next hotel, Puri maharani. Along the highway in dempasar which meant walking outside and crossing the road was… Interesting. The hotel itself though is gorgeous.

Food is really cheap, working out at £3 each main meal. Not much to do but just relax by the pool. We needed to chill after last night.

We’re taking a trip to Sanur today, so TBC.

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