Bali 2017 – Part 10

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Today I turned 28, so to start the day off? Quad bikes through the forest, paddy fields and muddy waters. It was a very challenging track, and we went with an agency called Bali sun tours. Recommended.

We were picked up on the dot 08:30, and was taken to the place where they also host paintball. The driver was very friendly and spotted out small attractions on the way such as weddings, his own village and the popular lake in ubud.

We arrived around 09:00 and was greeted with a welcome drink and a contract to sign our life away. The excursion was fully insured by them, as long as you abide by the rules. There was no messing around, I got into my wellys and helmet and we all got a talk on how to handle the semi automatic, 250cc quad bikes.

The right hand had a brake, and an accelerator you pull with your thumb. On the left foot was a gear shifter that you pulled up to raise the gear and down to lower it. I think it could’ve had things more conveniently placed, but it was fine, I got used to it.

There was a group of three American girls who started in front. What a mistake that was. The first part of the course was the paddie fields with a road that had a deep ditch either side. I’m not sure how it was even possible, but one girl went head first down the ditch to the right along a straight line of road, her quad plummeting down the gap with her on it. (Shake my head)

This of course held us up, and happened on the odd occasion, but the majority of the course involved heavy concentration, strong forearms and basic common sense at times. There was no power steering, which didn’t bother me, I found it more challenging, for the better. A few people would get stuck, others left behind, which meant we had to wait at times, but it was understandable. There was some difficult terrain to work through.

After the rice paddies, it was across some on road stretches that allowed us to truly fiddle through the gears, so we had to be vigilant of oncoming traffic.

We then found ourselves in nice tropical forests with a more bumpy and elevated route. Looking down you could see trees nested fifty to a hundred meters below us.

We took a break in a local village and grabbed some coconuts to drink, then got back on the road. This part of the journey was more on road, and nearer the end, gallons of muddy waters to push through.

Overall I really enjoyed it, although I think they should break the course into different levels such as beginner and intermediate. If you are looking for a lot of fast paced speedy action, this ride is not for you. It involves more technical skill and concentration, and it’s not a bad workout either.

When we got back we spent a few hours by our pool, the sun was really hot, and I was layered with sweat. When I had enough, I took a solo trip around ubud to visit some temples and get to know the area better. It was the only chance I had before we left for seminyak tomorrow. The temples are so nice, shame one was merged with a Starbucks (why do that?).

I pushed on and found a market selling great stuff but not something I would like to carry around with me.

I found a coffee shop selling coffee from the local plantation, so I thought I would have a taste. Organik Bali Aribaca… Yeah it was good.

I headed back and got ready for a meal at a GREAT place called Maluku (part of the Ubud Village hotel) it was good to experience proper Indonesian food. I had shrimp and octopus appetiser, then finished with the most well known popular dish. Nasi Goreng is the popular Indonesian fried rice which is traditionally served with a fried egg. It got served with a few peanut and chilli dips.

In the morning I awoke early and headed down to the yoga barn, the most popular place to do yoga.

I’ve done vinyasa yoga before, so attended the slow vinyasa class at 8am. I had to run a bit to make it in time. Probably about 3 guys, the rest girls, and the room was full but still enough space for everyone to stretch their limbs, apart from me of course. I had to move a couple of times to stop from kicking people in the face with my long legs.

The class lasted about an hour and a half, and by that point I was so relaxed, nearly fell asleep. I still find it hard not to laugh at the sounds produced from others, and overall, I was happy with how I did. The first time I did it I was in agony, this one came more naturally.

That is all for Ubud, next… and final stop, Seminyak. The place for surfing like Patrick Swayze and more partying.

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