Bali 2017 – Part 12

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Thursday was my last full day in Bali before I set off on Friday, so what better way to spend it than going to a beach club known as Potato head. We’d heard numerous times that we should go there, so we did. Highly recommended to get there early, it opens at 10am.

The reason for getting there early is the ‘first come, first serve’ policy. They have these excellent daybeds that look over the pool, and they go very fast. Due to our taxi struggling to get to us because of local hindu ceremonies, we didn’t get there as quick as we would’ve liked, and that left only four or five beds when we arrived. At least we managed to get one.

Soon as you arrive at the entrance, there is high security. They check the driver, the people in the car. They run a mirror all the way around the car from below and once they are satisfied, you can get out. Be warned, you can’t take food or drink into the premises, but you can collect it on your way out.

All the door staff have clipboards and ear pieces as you make your way. After a few minutes walking through, you make it to the pool area. There is a choice of the beds as mentioned earlier, hammocks, grass seats with cushions, and places to dine.

Our beds require a minimum spend of 500,000 (£27). Marc (who arrived an hour later to meet us) said that in Miami you would spend quite a few dollars to rent just the bed. Here the bed was free as long as you bought food and drinks.

The daybed requires a credit card from one person and you are allocated a number where all orders are accrued against. A wooden slab with your number is given to you.

The food menu is quite limited, but the choice of offered cocktails is not. We grabbed a few buckets of ice cold beers throughout the day.

They have a nice pool and jacuzzi type area just by the beachfront. You are allocated a waiter and they all wear tall standing straw hats. They introduce themselves and ask for all our names to give the experience a more personal feel. I thought they had great memories, but turns out they write it down. We found the service a bit lacklustre at times. When we needed to make an order, they never seemed to be around. No fault of their own, it seems there are a lot of orders to cater for. A couple more waiters would’ve solved that. They also seem to avoid eye contact at times.

The food overall isn’t bad, but quite pricey. They shouldn’t take your food or water. It’s a clear ploy to make you spend more which seems unethical to me. I was only taking in snacks. Spent about £46 for the day which is pretty good overall for two meals, beers and a cocktail, plus the day to chill in the sun. The place does look fantastic.

We spent a good six/seven hours here before heading back to the hotel. After resting we went back into seminyak and checked out a few bars, and a popular place called la favela. I loved the decor inside this place, had real character.

So that was it, my final day, and it was spent well. The last three weeks have been some of the best moments of my life, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Today I fly to Singapore for a stop off at an Airbnb, then tomorrow my flight back to Heathrow.

Thanks for reading, and I hope it encourages you to give Bali and Gili islands a visit.

Swimming pools
Quad biking
Gili islands partying and beaches
Volcano climb

Traffic in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak
Beach coral
Taxi beeping
Stray dogs
Animal tourism
Crazy traffic chaos
Boat ride to Gili islands (when choppy)
People selling you things

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