Bali 2017 – Part 2

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‎So after spending an hour in the middle of the night writing my first blog post due to a screwed up sleep pattern, I awoke again at 8am and got ready for a half day to Sumar. Our hotel provided a free shuttle service to here so that influenced our decision to go.

We did a 2 hour walk across the beachfront, and took a seat at one of those huts. Very relaxing.

Throughout the walk you will find a lot of people trying to entice you to: jetski, look in their shop, lay on a lounger or receive a massage with the odds of a happy ending.

Sumar has a LOT of stunning hotels and swimming pools.

We laid on the beach for a while before heading back to the original drop off point. I would say the place in general is nice, and full of westerners like us, probably why it reminds me of an Asian Hastings. It was good to visit, but we wouldn’t go again. I quickly popped to a shop that had a vast array of fruits.

Upon arriving back from Sumar, we booked a taxi to the bird park just north of us. Using the grab app, we got an upfront cost to the destination which is good because regardless of traffic the price is initially agreed anyway. My experience using uber was not great.

The bird park cost us 385 thousand rupiah, equating to about £22. Some amazing birds ranging in all sizes, some with horns. My favourites were the pelicans and the flamingos.

We even took a walk up into a blacked out barn to see some owls.

We were given a show of some eagles and parrots. One girl had some food placed on her head, and the bird swooped in and took it off her. She was so hesitant to do at first, but got kinda peer pressured by us.

Me and my friend got the chance to have parrots on both arms and head, something I’ve always wanted to do.

This concludes our stay in Dempasar, next stop.. Padang Bai. One night here and then the ferry to the Gili islands. The place we are looking forward to the most.

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