Bali 2017 – Part 3

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On Thursday we spent the morning by the pool maxing, relaxing, it weren’t too taxing. Once we got off our behinds, I made a request for a taxi with our trusty app Grab.

The journey would take an hour or so to get to Padang Bai, this is the place we need to get on the bluewater shuttle boat tomorrow morning. Upon making a request for a taxi, a price of 132,000 came up. A driver accepted the job then quickly messaged us saying it was far too cheap and raised the agreed price to 250,000. We declined and found another driver who’d do it for 175,000.

Arriving at our beach resort hotel, it had a nice pool and nice rooms where you could sit out on the porch like a true American. Our first stop, the Blue Lagoon beach.

After catching the sun for a few hours, we went back to our hotel for a swim, what followed was a walk around the market. I purchased some dragon fruit because it looked like nothing I’d seen before.

I would describe it as a beetroot coloured melon with a kiwi texture. Was really tasty. On a way back we got speaking with some cool Australians on the front porch, we ended up going for a meal with them at a place called surf and turf. They cook fresh fish for you across the road. Rated #1 on trip advisor in Padang Bai.

The fish was amazing, baracuda, and got served with Rice and vegetables. We headed back for sleep due to an early morning start. When we arose, the coach picked us up and took us down to the boat.

The bluewater boats are known as the fastest route to the Gili islands, and are a bit on the expensive side, but it turned out to be worth it as we got to the top deck of the boat and enjoyed the sights of dolphins splashing through the waters. If you get sea sick, then this journey is not for you.

We arrived and obtained our bags, and took a walk through what felt like the desert. We took a break at a beach bar that had beanbags and loungers facing the gorgeous aqua water.

Fifteen minutes ahead took us to begadang; an open area with: a pool shaped as a mushroom, table tennis, bean bags, a bar and huts built entirely from bamboo, even the showers and beds.

After a trip to the beach just down the road, we plan to mingle with the other backpackers later tonight.

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