Bali 2017 – Part 6

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First thing in the morning I did what felt right… Made some pancakes. Our hostel provides the mixture and all you have to do is cook the little wonders.

I was up quite early so made a few more, when my friend got up, we took a walk to the closest bike hire. It costs 50,000 each and we can keep them until 8pm. It came with a basket and a lock. Gili air cost us 30,000.

I decided to strap my gopro to my hat and record the whole journey around the island. With stopping and starting it took us around 45 minutes. It was good because we could sound out the best places to chill on the beach.

We found a spot and spent the day tanning. Later that evening we went on another night out, stopping at a bar playing great house music. Finally, we ended up at Blue Marlin, the place to be on a Monday night. It was a great night and didn’t get in till like 3am.

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